More evidence - Rebex and ComponentForge blog similarities part II

Another example of copy&pasted blogpost:

·         Compare HOWTO: Using FTP or SFTP in PowerShell (Rebex) and Using your NetXtremeFtp or NetXtremeSshFtp in Windows PowerShell (ComponentForge/SafaByte)

·         Post structure: Rebex

o   Step 1 - Loading FTP or SFTP assembly

o   Step 2 - Connecting, logging in, uploading, downloading and deleting files

·         Post structure: ComponetForge

o   Step 1 - Loading an assembly (NetXtremeFtp.dll or NetXtremeSshFtp.dll)

o   Step 2 - Connecting, logging in to an FTP or SFTP server, making directory, uploading, downloading, deleting file and removing directory

·         Almost identical sample code.

·         Check screenshots for details ( will most likely disappear soon).