XtraComponents is afraid of Microsoft :-)

Earlier today, the con artist who runs XtraComponents (the current incarnation of ComponentForge and Safabyte scam), started posting his amusing comments to our blog. They are rather amusing. He appears to be completely ignorant of how the copyright law works in the West. Check out the comments section of our post about his new company. No real surprise there, he just tries to claim he wrote the whole thing himself again. So we posted the following four simple questions for him:

  1. Can you prove that your company (XtraComponents) exists? We tried searching http://apps.sos.ky.gov/business/obdb/%28S%28pij3yiyqrrdsqr455rxjzda4%29%29/default.aspx but found no trace of it. Please explain.
  2. Can you prove that you are in fact a Microsoft Certified Partner, as you claim on your website?
  3. The founders and owners of your company are nowhere to be found. Why? A linkedin.com profile would be nice. At least one that is older that a month.
  4. You claim to have a lot of corporate customers already. Can you prove that any of the companies featured at your website actually uses your software?

These questions would be trivial to answer for any legitimate company. But not for John Carban, the con artist's latest fake identity. Not surprisingly, he refused to answer any of them.

But after suggesting that falsely claiming to be a Microsoft Certificed Partner could get him into trouble even in Vietnam, he appears to become afraid because he finally removed the Microsoft logo from his website! This is actually a good thing because the archived copy of his website still proudly dispays the MS logo in Google Cache:
It looks like he still has not fully grasped the concept of Google Cache. Although the archived copy of his website will eventually expire, it is VERY convincing in the near term because it makes it absolutely clear that he just tried to "clean up" some of the evidence against him.

2 responses
XtraComponents, please be advised that we will remove any of your comments here unless you answer any of the remaining three questions. As for the Microsoft question, your recent action is nothing more than a confession that you were NOT a Microsoft Certified Partner at all. Now all you have to do is to shut down your website because your company DOES NOT EXIST either.
OK, so he posted another of his comments that was half "answer" and half insults and other nonsense, although we adviced him to split it into two posts and even though he previously stated that what he sent few hours ago was his "last comment" - check out http://post.ly/FKW6 (updated) for more information.

He seems to be very interested in the proof we have against him. Needless to say, he is not the one we are going to mail it to. But if anyone else is interested in our proof, just contact us.