XtraComponents respond!

Even though the fake Mr. John Carban told us yesterday that he doesn't have to answer any of our questions, he later changed his mind and posted what he thinks were answers. Unfortunately, he filled the rest of his comment with his usual lies and nonsence, so we removed it. Instead, we reproduce his "answers" here.

Q: Can you prove that your company (XtraComponents) exists? We tried searching http://apps.sos.ky.gov/business/obdb/%28S%28pij3yiyqrrdsqr455rxjzda4%29%29/default.aspx but found no trace of it. Please explain.
A:. Our first XCs company is not in the US. We have an Offshore Business Office in the US.
Comment: He has not really proven anything, did he? He doesn't even have any real company info on his website.

Q: Can you prove that you are in fact a Microsoft Certified Partner, as you claim on your website?
A: It's our designers' mistakes. We are on the way to get these certificates.
Comment: Oh! So it was just an accident? Perhaps the fact that he stole our code is his developer's mistake then?

Q: The founders and owners of your company are nowhere to be found. Why? A linkedin.com profile would be nice. At least one that is older that a month.
A: It's not necessary to public his profile
Comment: He is right! Less people will buy his products if the founders are his best-kept secret :-)

Q: You claim to have a lot of corporate customers already. Can you prove that any of the companies featured at your website actually uses your software?
A: I can ask you the same question. Will you share your customer information with your competitor? It extremely violates our policy. Does itextremely violates your policy as well?
Comment: Actually, we have many customers who don't mind telling the world about us. Just check out our testimonials pages such as this. in comparison, Xtra's own testimonials page looks like something he just pulled out of his finger. But we are not surprised. A thief can't really publish the list of houses he has burgled, can he? ;-)

I still don't understand why we waste so much time with this guy thief. Perhaps because he is rather amusing?

Update: He responded again! I will spare you all his usual lies and insults and only repost his latest "answers":

Xtra: If someone curiously wanted to see, I would send him a scan copy of our legal business license. As I said our first XCs is not in the US, that why you could not find it at http://apps.sos.ky.gov/business/obdb/%28S%28pij3yiyqrrdsqr455rxjzda4%29%29/default.aspx
Rebex: Great! But why doesn't he publish this at his website, just like any real company? Oh, well...

Xtra: Not all CEOs have posted somethings on linkin. He is in this group.
Rebex: And some CEOs have choosen to steal other people's work and remain anonymous. He is also in this group.

Xtra: Check out our testimonials page. You can freely contact them.
Rebex: The people on his testimonials page seem to be pulled out of his finger. Why doesn't he just name one that exists to make it possible for his customers to contact him?

We don't see any reason to comment on the rest of his post. Empty threats like "If you delete this comment, 100% you are afraid of the truth." won't get him anywhere this time. There is no reason to preserve his further comments or prove anything any longer. He has already proven himself to be a questionable company by his "answers" to our question above.
He would simply use any proof we publish to "fix" his code and claim everything is alright. But we can prove this to anyone else who is interested - just contact us!