How to get rich fast (code monkey version)

How to get rich fast? If you are living in a country where copyright law is just for fun and you know how to write software, it's rather easy:

  1. Purchase a source code of some commercial software components.
  2. Rename all namespaces, methods, properties, etc.
  3. Throw away the samples and write new ones.
  4. Compile, repackage and sell as your own work.
  5. Profit!

This is exactly what a company (?) called ComponentForge or Safabyte did! Check out our website about ComponentForge/Safebyte scam if you are interested in details.

You'll soon find more posts about this case on this blog. More evidence, more traces, more about the people involved. Remember the book Cuckoo Egg book by Clifford Stoll about tracing a spy in a computer system which started at Berkeley campus back in eighties? Well, we probably won't find a Soviet agent here, but it can be interesting anyway. We already have some various traces to follow...

Would you like to know more?

Update (2009-10-16): They did it again, this time under XtraComponents brand!

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One interesting thing is ComponentSpace's DNS is quite similar to Aspose DNS classes in the Aspose Network suite.

Why does not anyone compare their products and other DNS products on the internet? Are they similar to others? Os it's because they are all based on the RFC documentation?

Our DNS component is different to ComponentSpace DNS accept the Resource Record classes' names. All the names and properties are defined by RFC documentation, you will find out all other products have similar class names and properties.

John, your post is entirely irrelevant. The problem here is that YOU stole our Rebex FTP/SSL and Rebex SFTP components and unless you address that, we see no reason to comment on your post. But we have heard nothing but lies from you so far.

For those who are new here - please check out for more information about this "John Carban"...

In your site, you mentioned about ComponentSpace and why dont you inform Aspose about ComponentSpace and the similarity of their components? I have no doubt that ComponentSpace has stolen code from Aspose.
For the record, none of the ComponentSpace products infringe anyone's copyright. All ComponentSpace products were developed in Australia by Australians and are protected by international copyright laws.

We will investigate whether Aspose has infringed our copyright and, if they have, we will take the necessary actions to remedy this.

I do note that Aspose appears to have developers based in the Ukraine and China. These countries are as notorious as your home country, Vietnam, for blatantly disregarding copyright.

Just to reiterate what was already communicated to you by email, we are monitoring your activities. It doesn't matter how many times you change your company name, web site, web host, or payment processing company, we will continue to protect our intellectual property and any further copyright infringements will result in immediate action by us.

Behold! A thief screams: Catch the thief!

Do you seriously expect us to pay any attention to your claims after YOU have stolen our component and lied to us numerous times?

Have you contacted Aspose already? We have not heard anything from them yet. Although we would happily remove a link to ComponentSpace DNS if your claim proves to be true and replace it with a link to Aspose DNS, we are not going to do that just because some scammer with a fake name (=you) told us so without providing any evidence at all.

I really don't see what are you trying to achieve here. Even if your claims proves to be true after all, it only means that YOU stole the ComponentForge DNS component from Aspose instead of from ComponentSpace ;-)

To prevent any confusion, our comment above was directed at "John Carban", the con artist behind (

>ComponentSpace, please let us know the result of your investigation. I still think the most likely explanation is that there is no infringement there and this "John Carban" is just trying to accuse other people of his sins to make him appear "better". What a strange logic - but who knows, perhaps it works in Vietnam...
Simply show me the proof by document or certificate. I'm interested in the battle between ComponentSpace and Aspose. I know that they are in the same continent.
Rebex. You must compare their DNS classes before saying anything.
Xtra, I don't understand what you are talking about at all. What is this "proof by document or certificate"? Is this some odd peculiarity of the Vietnamese law? It is blatantly evident that you have NO IDEA how the copyright law works in the West...

So unless YOU or someone else provide any evidence that ComponentSpace stole any code from Aspose (or vice-versa), your further comments about this non-topic will be removed (or we will rather move them to a separate blog post to amuse our readers, it would be a waste to just throw them away).

Xtra, why should I compare anything? If a catch a thief (=you) in my own house (Rebex) and he says that my good neighbour (ComponentSpace) stole something from someone who I don't even know (Aspose), do you seriously expect me to pay any attention to you? LOL, you can't be serious... Why on earth should we waste our time with you?
Rebex, you are a guy with a conservative mind. I'm still waiting for CSpace for the answer. I will let Aspose know about the issue.
If your definition of "conservative" is "someone who doesn't steal other people's components", they yes, we are.

Just for the record, CSpace already answered right here in the comments above, you must have missed that ;-)

So let's get back to the real topic now - ( stole our components. Do you have anything to say on THIS?

Xtra, as previously stated, we will investigate whether Aspose has infringed our copyright and, if they have, we will take the necessary actions to remedy this.

You are more than welcome to contact Aspose directly.

Of course, your concern is not whether copyright has been infringed because clearly you have no regard for copyright law. You simply wish to deflect attention away from your own actions.